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  • aebi
  • April 25, 2020
  • Facts about Being A Drag

    Nowadays the drag society has started being accepted because over the years they have been marginalized with a lot of people seeing them as outcasts. You can understand drag as when a man decides to wear the clothes of the opposite sex so that they can perform in a certain show or comedy. There are also women that part in the drag acts with some wearing the gent’s clothes and acting as drag kings. The drag queens and the drag kings are supposed to put on the attire, not as a way of choosing their gender but a way of expressing themselves through art, drama, and comedy. The article below looks at the clear the essential tips that can help you in understanding drag as performance art.

    To understand transgender is when someone who does not want to be associated with any gender and they want to be viewed as humans with no boundaries or they can identify with the opposite of the gender that they were born with, such as the boys choosing to be girls and the vice versa. people who want to change their gender from the one that they were born in can also be termed as transgender.

    The big difference about the drags and the transgender is that the former do not want to change their gender permanently but they want to use the drag as a costume in the performance over a short duration of time while the latter want to be viewed as the opposite of the gender that they were born in or wanting not to be identified with any gender but be considered as humans.

    The main reason that the drags and the gender have the differences and the transgender not wanting to be associated with the drags is that they view the drags as people that wrongly think about being transgender is about wearing the clothes of the gender that you want to be associated with. The transgender can use the drag platform to help them in their transition from their original gender while shifting their gender to the opposite gender they can first take on the drag persona to help them in shifting and be associated with the persona that they have chosen.

    This type of culture has been greatly accepted to such an extent that straight men are dressing up like drams queens for the sake of comedy or performing art. The acceptance and understanding of the LGBDT+ among the many states, this will continue to happen this is because the awareness of the transgender identity and the culture related to the drag will also grow. In conclusion, discussed above are the facts that you need to know to help you in knowing about the drug culture.

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