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  • May 25, 2020
  • Perfect Ways to Solving Food Crisis

    Food crisis is mostly caused by disasters. Solving the food crisis should take the shortest time possible to ensure that cities do not have to suffer from hunger. The presence of many points to choose from when solving food crisis has led to many people not familiarizing with them. Here are the essential point to check when looking forward to fighting food crisis.

    The first thing to check when solving food crisis is the crop that you are growing. When overcoming food crisis you have to look for the crops that will take help you. The best things the crops that should be grown during the food crisis is that they take a short time to be harvested. Those trying to fight the food crisis should search for the relevant information on the crops. You also have to consider if the crops you will choose are mostly affected by pest and weeds. If the crops are affected by weeds and pest you will be forced to spend more cash on controlling them.

    Another concept that is believed to help overcome food crisis is fighting trade barriers. Those countries affected by the food crisis should try to buy food from the neighboring countries. The existence of trade barriers may hinder you from getting low-cost food from the other countries. Eliminating taxes will help you get cheap food that will help you fight food crisis. If the imported food is taxed it may lead to them being sold at a price that the citizen cannot afford.

    The other perfects way to solving food crisis is supporting those doing small-hold farming. Many people do think that the small hold farming is no beneficial. The citizen has to be aware of the fact that the small hold farming do require less labor and less cash but they will be able to feed the family. supporting the small hold families will aid in ensuring that the farmers can get enough food for the family.

    The other way that will work best in fighting food crisis is giving subsidies to the farmers. The farmers will require things like fertilizers to grow the crops. With the food crisis the farmers may not be able to purchase the seeds and the fertilizer. In a such a situation the government can give out free seeds to the farmers. If the farmers get free seeds from the government there will be able to grow the quality and quantity food to fight the food crisis. Pest and weeds are among the things that do disturb farmers and if given free chemicals they will be able to grow crops that will carb food crisis.

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